Francesco Chicchiriccò | CEO

My name is Francesco Chicchiriccò, and my surname has been a tricky challenge since I was born in 1977, every time I had to get in touch with any public office; the advent of Internet made things even more cumbersome, despite of Unicode effort :-)

I am currently ASF member, Apache Syncope PMC chair, Apache Cocoon, Apache Olingo, Apache CXF, Apache OpenJPA PMC member and Apache Pony Mail PPMC member.

Linux - then Debian, what else? - addict since 1997, I am Italian (and proud to be), married with my lovely wife Cinzia, father of a sweet girl Sara and of two wonderful boys Davide and Mattia. Since I was a child I've always loved comics and music, playing bass guitar in a few metal rock bands with some friends. 

About Computer Science, I got a master degree in 2001 in L'Aquila, after six months spent at Nokia Research Center in Heksinki (about this, you can take a look at a photo I took at that time with a friend of mine :-P). 

Besides ASF, I am project owner of ConnId and the Hippo Cocoon ToolKit.


Marco Di Sabatino Di Diodoro | Principal Consultant

My name is Marco Di Sabatino Di Diodoro. I was born in October 1981 in Baden, Switzerland. In 2008, I graduated from L'Aquila University, with a master degree in Computer Science.

In 2008 I began my first job with the ePOSSE/Everett group. Since then I've been working as developer and system integrator in large identity and access management projects. In 2011, I've established my first IT company Tirasa which bases its business on open source. I am currently PMC member at Apache Syncope project.

I have a wide variety of general interests. My natural curiosity pushes me to read books, magazines, and Internet articles. I like to play sport and go out with friends.


Massimiliano Perrone | Principal Consultant

I don't like to write about myself. But I have to write something about me so...

I'm Massimiliano Perrone and I was born in February 1981 in Campobasso, a little town in the centre of Italy. Then? I graduated from Alma Mater Studiorum University with a master degree in Computer Science. After this experience I told to myself "Now is time to work!" and my life changed! I began my firts job with the same guys I am working today, in other company of course. This, because I believe that great people can do a great company and not viceversa.  With this reasons in 2011 I've established a new IT company (Tirasa). I am also PMC member at Apache Syncope and committer at Apache Olingo. Finally I love: to use Debian, to drink beer, to develop in Java, to be honest, to smoke cigarettes, to joke.


Fabio Martelli | Sales Director

Fabio Martelli, born in 1977, has been graduated in computer science at University of L’Aquila in 2002.

After a working period of two years as ICT consultant about J2EE, IAM and portal, founds ePOSSE, becoming one of the main Sun Microsystems Italian partner.

In this period Fabio collects a great deal of experience working on several big projects involving different identity and access management solutions.

In 2008 ePOSSE joins a Dutch group, Everett, becoming Everett Ialia.

In 2011 Fabio lives Everett Italia and founds Tirasa, a company completely focused on Open Source, and its business model.

In 2012 Tirasa gives its own identity manager product, Syncope IdM, to the Apache Software Foundation, which becomes Apache Syncope.

In the last couple of years, Fabio is working on Open Data (OData), collecting a great deal of experience in this regard till becoming committer at Apache Olingo.


Andrea Patricelli | Software Engineer

I'm Andrea Patricelli, born in 1988, I graduated in 2012 In computer science at University of L'Aquila.

Doubtful about my future and my work in 2013 I found my first job and my place at Tirasa, where I was patiently and expertly trained and introduced to Open Source world and software programming. I like very much to face and to experiment new technologies and thanks to Tirasa, during all my working period, I had the chance to do so. I also became an Apache Syncope committer in 2014.

Besides programming I've a lot of interests, sport, music; I define myself "someone that cannot stand still", I'm always on move with my brain and body.


Dima Ayash | Software Engineer

I am Dima Ayash, I was born in Syria in 1991, in a small lovely city called Yabroud.
I graduated with a bachelor's degree in computer science from Damascus University in 2014, after my graduation I worked in a Telecommunication Company in my country before I obtained a scholarship to come to Italy to continue my studying in 2015.
I graduated in March 2018 from the University of L'Aquila with a master degree in Computer Science, I started in Tirasa Company with a great opportunity to do an internship and work on my Thesis, and right after that I got a bigger opportunity to start working here and be part of this kind team.
Just some word about me in general: I am a passionate girl looking always to learn more and to have more experience. I like sports, music, dancing... in other words I like life and I like to enjoy it as much as I can.


Lorenzo Di Cola | Software Engineer

My name is Lorenzo Di Cola. I was born in 1993 in Pescara.

I graduated in March 2017 from the University of L’Aquila with a degree in Computer Science. During my studies I worked in a company in Pescara where I was a Web Technology developer. After graduation, immediately, I was lucky enough to meet Tirasa where I started my first post-graduate work experience by joining his team where I was able to compare all the knowledge learned during my studies and put them into practice on the work’s world. From the beginning, in Tirasa, I was able to increase my technological knowledges thanks to the professionalism and experience of the whole staff.

I am a person who likes, always, to learn new things and not just in technology. I define myself a person “with an open mind” always looking for something to do.


Matteo Alessandroni | Software Engineer

My name is Matteo Alessandroni and I was born in Popoli, in Abruzzo, in 1991.

I graduated in March 2016 from the University of L'Aquila with a degree in Computer Science and right after I started working in an IT company in Rome. I've always been a Linux world addicted and interested in web/mobile applications and in open source software in general. In 2017 I had the great opportunity to join the Tirasa team and in the same year I became ASF committer.

I love playing the piano, doing sport, watching movies and TV series and eating good food!


Matteo Di Carlo | Software Engineer

I am Matteo Di Carlo, I was born in Rome in 1984, and I grew up in Avezzano. After high school I moved in Rome where I developed a deep interest in Free Software and Open Source.
I graduated in Information Technology in Università Degli Studi dell'Aquila after a extraordinary experience in A2VI Lab (Acquisition, Analysis, Visualization & Imaging Laboratory).
In 2015 I had the opportunity to melt passion and work here in Tirasa, where I realized my dream to develop and work with Open Source and where I discovered the gorgeous world of access and identity management. I am a Apache Syncope committer form 2016.
I like sport. I like to run, slackline and downhill skateboarding. I like to play some instruments, I like to travel and to listen to good music.


Cinzia Cataldo | The Office Manager

I am Cinzia Cataldo and I was born in 1980. After leaving high school with my diploma in accounting and bookkeeping, I prosecuted my studies at University in Pescara. In 2004 I started working at ePOSSE before and Everett Italia afterwards, together with Fabio Martelli and Francesco Chicchiriccò. In 2011 I quit Everett Italia for a new love: the newborn Tirasa. And here I am, still busy with Office Management and Accountancy.

Outside of work, I am dedicated as (Francesco's) wife and happy mum of Davide, Mattia and Sara. I love everything that requires creativity, from cooking to design to manual work of various kinds. I like to read about everything and I love music, even if I just play some instruments as self-taught. If they ask me "what do you do in life", I answer "my best".