Apache Syncope: a bit of history

Syncope was conceived by a bunch of Italian, Open Source addicted, IdM professionals. The main idea was to create a thin, versatile and incisive product and to develop an Open Source Identity Manager able to satisfy the requirements of enterprise environments.

Syncope IdM was released under terms of Apache License 2.0 since its beginning and was hosted at Google Code.

A brand new company, Tirasa, aiming to speed up the development and the adoption of Syncope IdM, was founded.

At the Apache Software Foundation

On Februay 12th 2012, Syncope IdM was officially accepted at the Apache Incubator.

The Apache Incubator project is the entry path into The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) for projects and codebases wishing to become part of the Foundation’s efforts. All code donations from external organisations and existing external projects wishing to join Apache enter through the Incubator. Syncope IdM staff started such entry path by formulating an incubating proposal and opening a discussion at the general Incubator mailing list: this proposal was voted and accepted.

By joining the Apache Software Foundation, Syncope IdM team expected to get more visibility and attract more people to rising Syncope community, thus making Syncope IdM more stable, reliable and supported.

Goodbye Syncope IdM, welcome Apache Syncope!


Apache Syncope is Top-Level Project at the Apache Software Foundation: check its official ASF website for more information!