Apache Syncope

Apache Syncope is an Open Source Identity Management software that we developed and later donated to the Apache Software Foundation. Since then, we continue to lead the development as main sponsor.
More details are available about its history.

Looking for documentation? Besides the official guides, you can find several posts in our dedicated blog section.

Want to check Apache Syncope and other Open Source IAM components in a fully integrated environment? A demo Docker image is available.

Services Offered

If you have chosen Apache Syncope as your Identity Manager, we can help you with our services:

Product evaluation

Apache Syncope is Open Source and license free: just download and evaluate, no subscription is required.

In case of need, we can organize a quick workshop or plan a Proof of Concept.


Brief (from 1 day to 1 week maximum) but intense full immersion with best-of-breed Syncope experts to identify IAM needs and plan for resolution.

Proof of Concept

Short PoC (involvement of maximum 5 days FTE) based on customer requirements.

Development Support

Dedicated mail-based support for customers that want to develop their Apache Syncope based solution but needs guidance in the design and implementation phases.
Includes support for reproducible bugs resolution but not troubleshooting.
More details.


  • Limited to official Apache Syncope releases
  • Raise support case via customer dedicated mailing-list 
  • Response time 4 hours (8x5)
  • Expert assistance 
  • Emergency patches

Production Support

Second-level operational support: dedicated to the production phase when support to manage any rolled-out system's malfunctioning is needed.
The offer does not include support for system update.

Our base support for production:

  • Limited to the official Apache Syncope releases 
  • Raise support case via customer dedicated mailing-list 
  • Response time 2 hours (8x5) 
  • Known/Reproducible bug fixing provided by non public releases
  • Emergency patches
  • Troubleshooting excluded

If you need something more, here is our trade-off support for production:

  • Include Sonata
  • Bug fixing provided by non public releases
  • Troubleshooting included

Our best support for production:

  • Include Quartetto
  • Upgrade to new releases
  • Telephone access (8x5)

Extension / Customization

Product extension / customization: when standard Syncope features are not fully applicable to customer's needs.


Delivery of Apache Syncope based solutions, under customer's direction and project management.

Training Courses

On-line and on-site training courses are available, with programs ranging from entry level to expert.


Ad-hoc services for any other IAM need.

For more information and pricing, just drop an e-mail.