What is Development Support about?

Sometimes it is not easy to figure out, among the services that Tirasa offers around Apache Syncope and other Open Source IAM technologies, what exactly lies behind the label Development Support.

To help you form a better idea, here are few typical questions (Q) we have been serving from our customers, and also ancillary services (S) we provide.

S: Alert: relevant bug discovered or new feature available

You might not be following each and every bit passing through the channels of the Apache Syncope community, hence new features and relevant fixes could be sometimes overlooked.
As primary actors of the community, and being aware of the features of our customers' projects, we are responsible to send out alerts to ensure that the latest updates are always available on-time.

S: Tips, tricks and tuning hints

We regularly monitor our customers' activities on their projects so that we are able to indicate best-practices to follow and suggest performance improvement by, for example, tuning memory management, sizing pool configurations, and so on.

Q: I found this bug: now what?

First of all, we will double-check that the reported issue is effectively an Apache Syncope bug: often problems come from misconfiguration or may originate from customized code.
Then, we will take care of reproducing the issue on standard set-up and provide a sensible fix. The identified bug will be further reported and tracked by the tools offered by the community, in order to share its presence and resolution. 
Finally, as the fix will not be made available before next Apache Syncope release, we will also provide instructions to backport the fix into the version that the customer is currently running on.

Q: Don't know how to...

Detailing the requirements of an Identity and Access Management project could be sometimes very tricky, and mapping such requirements to the actual product features might be even worse.
Thanks to our deep knowledge of Apache Syncope and the other supported Open Source IAM products, we can help to quickly identify the rightmost options to evaluate and suggest implementation best-practices.

Q: I need to provision a XYZ identity repository

Relational databases, LDAP services and MS Active Directory are all typical identity repositories you can manage through Apache Syncope: configuration is sometimes not trivial, so we can support with expertise consolidated during years.
There are cases, however, when the need is to provision via SOAP services, RESTful resources or other different technologies: besides the public connectors available through ConnId, we are also available to evaluate development requests for new, custom connectors.

Q: How can I implement this custom workflow?

Workflow manages the internal identity lifecycle by defining statuses and transitions that every user, group or any object in Apache Syncope will traverse; transitions can be subjected to approval.
For newcomers, dealing with workflow definition might not be trivial, especially when it comes to match business requirements to technical deployment: we are here to provide insight, address concerns and provide reference implementations that can be further customized.

Q: I need help with this non-standard notification

Bult-in notifications can be easily configured in Apache Syncope to send out e-mails when events occur.
Besides predefined notifications, however, the system can be tweaked to cover custom events and conditions, especially in connection with customized workflow definition: we usually provide guidance and working samples.

Q: How can I build the report that management is asking for?

Building sensible reports involves different skills: from knowledge of internal data representation to XSLT for presentation.
We have guided several customers through this process, and helped matching their requirements to adequate technology.
As an example, our support was asked to define and produce a reconciliation report showing the status of all users on each resource connected to Apache Syncope.

Q: How to handle high operation and data volumes?

Apache Syncope is often involved into architectures with high-demanding requirements in terms of concurrent requests and data storage.
The native product capabilities need to be supported by adequate configuration and (optional) customization, which ought to be articulated according to the specific domain requirements.
Our experience within this field is pretty much consolidated with several important customers and deployments.