The AULSS 6 Euganea of Padua is the healthcare  institution of the Region of Veneto, that within the National Healthcare Service organizes and manages services for the protection of the health of people living in the 103 municipalities of the territory of the province of Padua.

The overall goal is to renew and standardize user management and the whole process of authorization for IT services.

The institution decided to add a centralized management system for digital identities inside to its infrastructure; the solution implements the following macro requirements:

  • synchronizations from multiple authoritative resources of users and groups;
  • management of users and groups (Ldap, Active Directory, ...);
  • centralized management of mailboxes on Zimbra;
  • REST services for Drupal;
  • implementation of a custom reset and change password;
  • custom workflow with approval flows;
  • integration of SMS notifications;
  • development of custom reports;
  • access to the console via SAML2.

AULSS6 Architecture
The solution is based on Apache Syncope with the support of Tirasa for product implementations and customizations.


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