The UShareSoft UForge Identity management service, is based on Apache Syncope, which was expressly chosen for it's richly defined and complete RESTful API. The new module allows management of auditing (reports), policies, roles, users, tasks and entitlements. At present UForge uses this embedded IDM service for authentication and role-based access control (RBAC) authorization through special entitlements. The persistence store behind the IDM service is an SQL store and there is a resource connector, connecting to an LDAP V3 Service, for storage of roles, users and entitlements information, in an ldap store. The IDM service is deployed inside a Glassfish (v3) web and application server container.

This IDM Service can be extended. Either to provide wider identity and access management (IAM) integration, for existing enterprise or corporate IAM systems, using the UForge REST APIs and or UForge's Java APIs. Or by integration into brand new standards compliant IAM systems, by using Apache Syncope's open source industry standard resource connectors.

The UShareSoft UForge Online platform uses this Identity management system for RBAC services to manage thousands of "free and subscription based" online user accounts and is also part of the UShareSoft UForge enterprise product offerings.


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