26 Apr 2016

GSOC 2016: two proposals to mentor

As Google has recently announced:

It's that time of year again: 1,206 students have been accepted for our 2016 Google Summer of Code! Congratulations all around. We want to thank everyone who applied - it was another competitive year with 178 mentoring organizations receiving 7,543 proposals from 5,107 students.

At Tirasa we are glad to enlist two mentors for two different project proposals that have been approved:

One may wonder: how could a small Italian IT company afford to enlist two GSOC mentors?

At Tirasa we strongly believe in openness as key factor for being able to compete with software giants, with the wild idea in mind of producing the most feature-complete, secure and reliable Identity Manager out there.

Always keeping clear in mind that this could not have been possible at all, without our deep involvement with The Apache Software Foundation.


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