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Apache Syncope can be instructed to send out notification e-mails when certain events occur.
Apache Syncope already provides powerful, tunable attribute validators, enforced by the Core back-end: what about cus...
We put the latest Apache Syncope and PostgreSQL on the bench to try and push to the limit: here are the results
Keycloack is an open source Access Management solution by RedHat, aimed at modern applications and services. It suppo...
Tirasa si unisce a Maggioli, Metron e Università de L'Aquila per traghettare la Pubblica Amministrazione verso i serv...
How to configure Apache Syncope to provision Users to Salesforce using the SCIM v1.1 ConnId Bundle
"Have I Been Pwned?" is a free service to check if an account was compromised in a data breach: Syncope can use it to...

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