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One of the most important and perhaps most popular features of Apereo CAS is its ability, as an identity provider, to...
Privileged Access Management (PAM) describes systems that can manage elevated permissions on a special set of account...
Recentemente, soprattutto a causa della pandemia da COVID-19, si è assistito ad un’accelerazione forzata verso una mo...
La trasformazione digitale a cui abbiamo assistito negli ultimi tempi è ora sotto gli occhi di tutti.Molti dei proces...
How to configure Apache Syncope to log in via SAML 2.0 using Apereo CAS
Create, build and activate a custom module for an Apache2 HTTP Server.
Configure Apereo CAS to submit authentication requests to a remote REST endpoint. Nothing to do with the native CAS R...
CAS is probably the most used open access manager, let's spice it with SAML 2.0.
Small example on how to federate OpenAM with Wordpress via SAML 2.0.

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