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I am excited to join forces with the good folks at Tirasa, to continue working on open-source identity and access management platforms.

After working in the IAM field for quite a while and that of open-source, this seems like a natural continuation of the past 9-10 years and I hope to be able to continue more of the same; a lot more! After learning and researching about the company, Tirasa seemed like a great fit: technical excellence, open-source commitment, involvement with Apereo and support for the CAS project and key proponents behind Apache Syncope are just a few good reasons to be excited about the move.

I had, with pleasure, collaborated with several key Tirasa members, namely Francesco Chicchiriccò and Fabio Martelli in open-source on projects such as Apereo CAS and Apache Syncope and also found the opportunity to meet and chat with both at the TIIME 2019 workshop in Vienna, Austria. I find it excellent that both and indeed many other Tirasa members are contributors and committers at the Apache Software Foundation and continue to push and promote the open-source cause. Being at Tirasa also a superb opportunity to learn from key experts in this space, and especially those mainly in charge of and responsible for one of the key open-source solutions in IAM space.

My main responsibilities at Tirasa naturally build upon my existing modest portfolio, and more or less include contributing and improving the state of open-source identity and access management, and that of Apache Syncope. I would also attempt to start writing technical blog posts on features and changes that I find relevant for the user community, and of course, I am excited to learn of opportunities to chat with customers and prospects to learn about advanced use cases to improve and expand the capabilities of the platforms. I will also try to continue my involvement with the Apereo CAS project, as I think joining the technical forces of CAS and Syncope could make a strong and attractive package for both user and developer communities.

So, grab a few JIRAs and let's get to work!

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