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At last the possibility to synchronize data from Syncope towards external resources.

Apache Syncope 1.2.0 (upcoming release) introduces two important concepts: the push and the matching rule.

The push is a synchronization mechanism used by Apache Syncope to propagate a filtered set of user/role/membership data towards external resources.

All the entity (user/group) data involved by a push are retrieved locally and compared with remote ones before sending out.

An entity to be sent out can be:

  1. a matching entity, if a corresponding remote entity has been found;
  2. or an unmatching entity, otherwise.

By default, Syncope will propagate all the unmatching entities for provisioning (without any linking operation) and will update all the matching ones.

By the way, a different behaviour can be configured working with matching rules.

The same rules can be configured to customize the behaviour of a synchronization from external resource to Apache Syncope.

Take a look at push task and enjoy these new cool features.


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