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and physical
access management
Our solution offers the possibility to control from a single point all accesses to both logical (web applications) and physical (turnstiles, electronic locks, biometric devices) resources, supporting Single Sign On (SSO), RFID tags and strong authentication.
Protecting your customers and employees is one of the most important things a casino owner can do. You need to make sure that your security procedures cover all possible vulnerabilities. Casinos are particularly vulnerable to breach of service (DDoS), which is a method of attacking a website and shutting it down. The purpose of this technique is to disrupt the server by allowing malicious code or traffic to infiltrate and cause significant harm to the casinospin samurai australiaand its visitors. To prevent this type of attack, casinos should use a solution that minimizes liability. The most common methods include high-definition digital video and intelligent analytical algorithms. To protect the integrity of the data they collect, the casino must ensure that its employees carry passwords and identification badges.
secure management
From a single console you can manage the full lifecycle of accounts owned by users: create, update, request and approval, assignments and certifications, enable / disable.
Single Sign-On
Managing credentials and permissions is becoming increasingly difficult due to the proliferation of new applications. Our solution allows to configure, in a single point, access control in order to allow the validation of the most different types of user credentials, and single sign-on access to the various web applications available.
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OAuth 2.0
OpenID Connect
SAML 2.0
Our solution is 100% compliant with industry standard protocols for authentication, authorization and federation either in the Cloud or on-premises.
image storage
Open Source
code safe and robust
Thanks to strong development and release policies and to communities rich of international experts, we can guarantee very high quality on code, compliance with international standards and timely management of security threats.
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A solution completely tailored on your needs: Centralized Management, HR Synchronization, automated Provisioning, mailbox and home directory management, Permissions, Single Sign-On Access and many other features!
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