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Apereo CAS is a powerful tool for managing authentication and authorization in your organization, but it can sometime...
Data privacy and security are essential concerns for companies operating in today's digital age. Cyber threats and da...
In today's business landscape, companies often rely on external vendors to provide specialized services and support. ...
One of the major features of Syncope 3.0 Maggiore is the new component Web Access (WA): let's understand how it works.
Now that web applications are protected by Syncope 3.0, it's time to get back in control about which users can access.
Following our previous post, we are going to show how to protect legacy web applications with Syncope 3.0 Maggiore.
Let's leverage some of the new features in Apache Syncope 3.0 Maggiore to protect web applications.
One of the most important and perhaps most popular features of Apereo CAS is its ability, as an identity provider, to...

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