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Managing users on different platforms is one of the goals that Apache Syncope has set itself. In recent months we hav...
How to configure Apache Syncope to log in via SAML 2.0 using Apereo CAS
Ansible is an IT automation engine for cloud provisioning, configuration management, application deployment, intra-se...
SCIM is a standard for automating the exchange of user identity information between identity domains.
Many organizations are migrating to Google Apps, a suite focused on productivity, collaboration and communication.
Apache Syncope can be instructed to send out notification e-mails when certain events occur.
Apache Syncope already provides powerful, tunable attribute validators, enforced by the Core back-end: what about cus...
We put the latest Apache Syncope and PostgreSQL on the bench to try and push to the limit: here are the results
Keycloack is an open source Access Management solution by RedHat, aimed at modern applications and services. It suppo...
How to configure Apache Syncope to provision Users to Salesforce using the SCIM v1.1 ConnId Bundle

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