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In today's digital age, where security and access control are paramount, organizations require robust solutions for m...
Digital evolution has made secure and efficient identity and access management crucial, both in cloud and on-premises...
Apereo CAS is a powerful tool for managing authentication and authorization in your organization, but it can sometime...
One of the major features of Syncope 3.0 Maggiore is the new component Web Access (WA): let's understand how it works.
Now that web applications are protected by Syncope 3.0, it's time to get back in control about which users can access.
Following our previous post, we are going to show how to protect legacy web applications with Syncope 3.0 Maggiore.
Let's leverage some of the new features in Apache Syncope 3.0 Maggiore to protect web applications.
Managing users on different platforms is one of the goals that Apache Syncope has set itself. In recent months we hav...
How to configure Apache Syncope to log in via SAML 2.0 using Apereo CAS
Ansible is an IT automation engine for cloud provisioning, configuration management, application deployment, intra-se...

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