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Have you ever thought about centralizing control with Apache Syncope of your Zimbra accounts?

In this days we are working on a new Identity Management project. One of the use case was to manage Zimbra Accounts with Apache Syncope.

From http://connid.tirasa.net is possible to download the Zimbra connector, which is needed for profiling the users on Zimbra. Communication between Syncope and Zimbra takes place via SOAP and the connector allows to perform the lifecycle of a Zimbra account from the creation to deletion.

To integrate Apache Syncope with Zimbra you will need to execute the following three main steps:

1. Create a connector for Zimbra

Make sure you have added the Zimbra Connector Bundle inside the connector bundles directory. After that your are able to create the connector for Zimbra.


Zimbra Connector

2. Configure a Zimbra resource on Syncope

Add a new resource from the topology page and set all parameters.

3. Set a PROVISION for resource Zimbra

Configure the provision for USER Object Type

Configure the mapping between the internal and external attributes.

Now you are able to manage your Zimbra accounts from Apache Syncope.

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