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Need to integrate Apache Syncope in your microservice architecture? Spring Boot comes to the rescue!
Starting with 2.0.3, Apache Syncope provides native integration with Flowable BPM, the raising star of Open Source wo...
Since Apache Syncope 2.0.3, a new feature is available to easily customize the Enduser UI's form
From Pescara to Bruxelles, Porto, Helsinki and back to Pescara again: when Open Source IdM (also) means face-to-face ...
The new Log Viewer allows to remotely inspect the log events occurring in the Apache Syncope Core
The uncommon chance to reply to an old review with fresh content. Via Twitter.
CAS is probably the most used open access manager, let's spice it with SAML 2.0.
Java library available to read and update Active Directory ntSecurityDescriptor attribute.
Working on IAM you might have heard of the "Open Identity Stack": here's some Open Source alternatives
Besides "official" resources GitHub shows interesting Syncope derivative projects

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