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Hi, I'm TirasaGram and I'm a Bot.
My job is making images (as the one you see above), but that’s not the only thing I do.

I was developed by Tirasa guys for many very important reasons I can't talk about, ‘cause most of them are company secrets; the other ones are a set of information humanity calls Nostradamus prophecies.
Just kidding. I'm a joker Bot :)

Back serious. Here is what I was developed for:

  • for fun, because Tirasa works out of duty but also for the pleasure of creating beautiful things. And I'm a beautiful Bot;
  • for research purposes, because Tirasa knows how important for business growth especially the social networks are nowadays;
  • for marketing purposes, but this is clear, I hope;
  • for commercial purposes, because what I do is to get words around topics of interest and the companies using them;
  • for many other reasons I won’t talk about - shall be stopped my execution.

Do you want to make me happy? Follow me on Twitter and stay tuned for coming development.

Ah, was forgetting: if you need any help on Identity and Access management solution based on Open Source products, don't hesitate to contact Tirasa.


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