Apache Syncope

Apache Syncope is an Open Source Identity Management software that Tirasa developed and later donated to the Apache Software Foundation. Since then, we continue to lead the development as main sponsor.

Apache Syncope allows to manage the entire identity lifecycle - be they users, groups or other. With deployment options either in cloud or on-premise, it offers advanced features for approval flows, event notifications, utility task execution and schedule, provisioning and reconciliation.
Apache Syncope, relased since the beginning under terms of AL 2.0, was conceived and developed by Tirasa, then donated to the Apache Software Foundation in 2011.
Today Syncope is a Top-Level Project (TLP) with an extended international community composed by Identity Management and software security experts.
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Apache Syncope can be downloaded and deployed in production with no license fees. If needed, it is possible to subscribe the community-level support mailing lists in which the Tirasa staff is ordinarly engaged, compatible with company needs.

If you need enterprise-level support with guaranteed SLAs, Tirasa offers commercial subscriptions for either development and production support.

Apache Syncope is an open project to which everyone can contribute by reporting issues or sharing documentation or code.

Do you need support?
Tirasa offers dedicated support and is able to assist H24, 7 days a week
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