What we have made for Esercito Italiano

The Italian Army, through its department dedicated to management, development and security of network and system / service infrastructures, needs to manage thousands of users on heterogeneous sources as Oracle databases, LDAP, Zimbra and Active Directory: the typical scenario which an Identity Management system should rule.

 The staff was seeking for an IdM solution to customize, for adaptation to its particular needs.

After attempting and rejecting the proprietary products offered by the most famous vendors - mainly because of the difficulty to go beyond presets, besides exorbitant costs - the next step was the selection of an Open Source project, additional dowel of a strategy in line with Public Administration directives and some international initiatives.


About Esercito Italiano

The Italian Army has a structure organized in "functional areas" (operational, logistic, infrastructural, training and territorial). On its top there is the Chief of the General Staff of the Army who has the function of Armed Force Commander; he is also responsible for the organization and the training of the Army.

In performing his duties, the Chief of the General Staff of the Army has got a General Staff headed by a Deputy Chief of General Staff of the Army in addition to High Commands: the Training Specialization and Doctrine Command (COMFORDOT), with functions in training, specialization, qualification and updating of the personnel as well as in the development of the "analytic" and "employment" doctrine; the Logistic Command (COMLOG) that offers logistic support to the Forces; the Operational Land Forces Command and Army Operational Command (COMFOTER COE), responsible for the training of the operational component; the Capital Military Command; the Northern and Southern Operational​ Forces Command (COMFOP NORD and COMFOP SUD); the Alpine Troops Command (COMTA); the NATO Rapid Deployable Corps (NRDC-ITA) and the Operational Land Forces Support Command (COMFOTER SUPPORTO).​

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