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In 2021, the Directorate-General for Digitalization of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport has decided to update its infrastructure for accessing IT services by integrating it with strong authentication systems based on Digital Identity in order to further improve the technical security level and to avoid any possible risk of attacks or negligence deriving, for example, from the presence of obsolete components. With the support of Tirasa s.r.l., a company long established in the Open Source community and specialized in Identity & Access Management (IAM), an upgrade process was begun which then resulted in a broader solution for managing identities and accesses.


The solution

MIT's first request for Tirasa was, in fact, to update Apereo CAS to the latest version available, in order to guarantee greater reliability and a high security level within its authentication infrastructure. Later, thanks to Tirasa's experience in the IAM field and given its great ability to perceive the needs and expectations of its customers, MIT decided to extend its infrastructure by introducing a digital identity management system based on Apache Syncope, the Identity Manager Open Source conceived and developed by Tirasa and donated to the Apache Software Foundation in 2012.

This system represents a centralized solution for managing permissions and access control and it is integrated with different applications to which it guarantees Single Sign-On (SSO) access, protection from unauthorized/unrecognized requests and centralized management of sessions and permissions.

The given solution allows users to authenticate themselves using classic credentials verified on the Active Directory resource (internal users), or via SPID/CIE/CNS/eIDAS credentials, verified by delegating authentication to an external gateway for authentication via Public Digital Identity, or using verified credentials in Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) through an integration with Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

In particular, the integrated use of a gateway for authentication via Public Digital Identity with policies for granting authorizations and access to all the applications that can be implemented via Apereo CAS and Apache Syncope allows to manage cases in which the access to specific applications must be guaranteed to personnel which is off-duty because in leadership or detached position or because he’s retired.

The access to integrated applications occurs in SSO, in compliance with the authorizations, defined centrally, according to Group-Based Access Control (GBAC) and/or Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC) policies. In practice, the assignment to certain groups and/or the value of certain attributes, specific to the user or relating to a group assignment, may involve access, or not, to certain application services.




Reported benefits

The authentication infrastructure based on Apache Syncope allows dynamic management and continuous monitoring of access permissions to the application services offered by the Ministry.

The possibility of using a centralized and user-friendly administration console brings a huge benefit to the system administrators who, delegated to monitor and configure the system as a whole, can leverage on valid and reliable help for quickly implementing complex business logics, aimed at guaranteeing greater security and detailed controls.

Thanks to the given solution, today MIT can boast a complete and integrated IAM platform, easy to manage and monitor, absolutely robust and secure and totally in line with the specific needs of the Ministry.

The Ministry is fully satisfied with the new authentication infrastructure and recognizes all the potential due to the Open Source technology. It is also aware that Tirasa's skills, experience and support have allowed it to build a tool with great flexibility and simplicity of integration.

About Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport (MIT) is the competent Italian governing body that plans and manages infrastructures, network systems and national information systems, which deals with public works and all those projects aimed at improving the quality of life of people and to overcome territorial disparities, and which addresses the challenge of sustainable mobility in the management of the entire transport system (road, rail, air and maritime). Furthermore, thanks to the collaboration with the Italian Port Authority-Coast Guard, it monitors maritime traffic and regulates the main safety mechanisms at sea.

Moreover, MIT provides several online services which can be accessed by different users, both internal and external to the Ministry. Therefore, MIT has its own authentication infrastructure to control access to resources and to safely manage the users. This infrastructure is based on Apereo CAS and, then, it has all the advantages of an Open Source product, from openness and adaptability to the guarantee of data portability.

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