What we have made for SWM

The Syncope-based solution is initially used in mobile ticketing for public transport customers.

Among others, it provides functionality for self-registration, login, password reset, and user suspend/reactivate. The user data is synchronized with other backend systems.

Apache Syncope was combined with JASIG CAS as an access management component to provide single sign-on to Web applications.

Apache Syncope was chosen because it is Open Source, lightweight, and extendible. Its architecture and implementation is straightforward for developers familiar with the underlying technologies.

About SWM

Stadtwerke München (SWM), one of the largest German municipal utilities, offers a large variety of Internet-based services for registered users via portals and specialized Web applications. SWM advocate Open Source Software and chose a Syncope-based solution to make their services available via a single integrated user account.

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