Open Source

Tirasa embraces the philosophy of free and open source software as its fundamental prerequisite.

United we stand!
This is what we like: to see enthusiastic people contributing to improve smart ideas.

Regulated through the application of appropriate licenses, the source code of a given software is released with the aim of facilitating analysis and study, sharing technical and methodological approaches as well as the practical and theoretical contribution from experts of industry.
open source
Our Values
Our founding value is the ethical which originates from absolute respect for the freedom of any individual and in the contribution that the free code gives to spread of knowledge and, at large, in the sense on the scientific and technical growth of all humanity, without                barriers of sex, race or religion.
The Community
We are active in several open source communities where we ordinarily interact with international experts, provide support, report - and often fix - problems, promote new features.
In 2016, 2017 and 2018 Tirasa invested 25% of its workforce on Open Source projects. Public founding obtained in 2018 should guarantee this trend until 2020 at least.
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Thanks to strong development and release policies and to communities rich of international experts, we can guarantee very high quality on code, compliance with international standards and timely management of security threats.
Application Domains
We offer customizable solutions in the field of digital identity management and access control, be they logical or physical. We operate internationally and in various domains. We have important experiences in:
A virtuous choice for Public Administration
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Open Source Software
Benefits and Regulations
All around the world, Open Source software is strongly recommended - when not mandatory choice - for Public Administration, when it comes to acquisition and reuse of software.
As an example, the Open Source Observatory and Repository (OSOR) is a project launched by the European Commission for exchanging information, experiences and best practices around open source solutions for use in public administrations.
This happens because open source software is recognized as inherently robust and secure, and preserves by nature its adopters from vendor lock-in.
In this perspective we can not but play a leading role.
The philosophy that guides our company in its daily operating choices, the care and the ways in which it creates solutions for its customers as well as the total absence of proprietary licenses make Tirasa the "virtuous" supplier for Public Administration.