Excellence for your business

For us at Tirasa excellence does not only mean an optimized and performing project, but care and enduring support for customers, overall.

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  • Highly specialized know-how
  • Flexibility and responsiveness
  • Effective prices
  • Robus and secure solutions
  • Enduring care for our customers
Our skills
our strength
Our strenghts are high-degree technical know-how, the reactive and flexible approach with wich we face our customers' needs, and the offered solutions which, despite of their affordable price, gracefully compare with the proposals offered by main vendors. Thanks to open source and to the deep technical knowledge acquired in this specific domain, we at Tirasa can afford to operate on the IT market by offering robust and secure solutions, at very nice and effective prices.
Secure solutions in
mixed environments
We build and support secure solutions for digital identity management, federation and access control in mixed environments as cloud, social networks and mobile.
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Open Source
At foundation of our solutions there are always open source components, trusted and mature. We are active in several open source communities where we ordinarily interact with international experts, provide support, report - and often fix - problems, promote new features.

Most of such components come from communities where our company plays an important role, which guarantees that we know in detail each and every "brick" used to build complex solutions for our customers.
Application Domains
We offer customizable solutions in the field of digital identity management and access control, be they logical or physical. We operate internationally and in various domains. We have important experiences in: