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After a working period of two years as ICT consultant about J2EE, IAM and portal, founds ePOSSE, becoming one of the main Sun Microsystems Italian partner.

In this period Fabio collects a great deal of experience working on several big projects involving different identity and access management solutions.

In 2008 ePOSSE joins a Dutch group, Everett, becoming Everett Ialia.

In 2011 Fabio lives Everett Italia and founds Tirasa, a company completely focused on Open Source, and its business model.

In 2012 Tirasa gives its own identity manager product, Syncope IdM, to the Apache Software Foundation, which becomes Apache Syncope.

In the last couple of years, Fabio is working on Open Data (OData), collecting a great deal of experience in this regard till becoming committer at Apache Olingo.

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