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A sneak peak preview of the new Apache Syncope 2.0.0 Administration Console

Nowadays the Apache Syncope team is working hardly on several interesting new features available soon with Jazz 2.0 release.

In particular, great emphasis has been given to the Multi-Tenancy, Realms,  support for Any Objects and the new Administration Console.

Since not yet discussed onto any Apache Syncope wiki page, with this post I would give you a brief introduction exactly to the last one.

The new Apache Syncope console is based on AdminLTE template.

Long-running tasks are now lazily handled via Apache Wicket Native Websockets, resulting in extremely reactive user interaction.

Developments to handle and support the new concepts, like as multi-tenancy, realms and any objects, are going really fast.

In order to make the console more user-friendly, complex configuration tasks are now driven by wizards based on Apache Wicket wizard functionality.

Finally, the former external resource and connector instance configuration models were completely redesigned: based on jsPlumb, the new Apache Syncope console gives you the possibility graphically see and manage your provisioning environment by driving you into a correct and complete configuration of all the main provisioning aspects.



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