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This post describes how to manage Hippo CMS users through Apache Syncope

This post describes how to integrate Hippo CMS with Apache Syncope. In particular, we implemented a connector that would allow you to manage users on Hipppo CMS through Apache Syncope.


User management on Hippo CMS offers the possibility to perform operations for creating, editing and deleting. In addition, it was necessary to associate the profile of a user to one or more specific groups.

To integrate Apache Syncope with Hippo CMS the following steps were needed:

1. Configure Hippo CMS connector on Apache Syncope:

2. Configure Hippo CMS resource on Apache Syncope:

Apache Syncope creates users on JCR below the following path /hippo:configuration/hippo:users and manages the permissions by adding or removing entries from /hippo:configuration/hippo:group.

Apache Syncope centralizes access administration and ensures every user has one identity, in addition with CAS (SSO) we have a complete IAM solution.

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