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Tirasa ready to enable Apache Syncope deployments via Juju Charm

Tirasa, after having recently announced its involvement with Instauth, confirms the commitment to Ubuntu Juju by developing an Apache Syncope Charm.

As reported in the website, "Juju enables you to use Charms to deploy your application architectures to EC2, OpenStack, Azure, HP your data center and even your own Ubuntu based laptop. Moving between environments is simple giving you the flexibility to switch hosts whenever you want — for free".

By developing an Apache Syncope Charm, Tirasa greatly simplifies the deployment of Syncope-based solutions into virtually any cloud provider and empowers all the stunning features and tools provided by Juju, including CLI and GUI. 

Creating a new Syncope deployment is as simple as selecting the Syncope Charm from the Juju GUI dashboard; drawing a link to a PostgreSQL Charm instantly configures the persistence. Using the same approach, Syncope can be connected to a ConnId Charm, resulting in immediate availability of connector servers and bundles.

After the first encouraging results, Tirasa team is at work for completing the implementation: stay tuned.

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