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Italy's Public System for Digital Identity with Tirasa's Open Source Identity Stack

The "conceptual revolution" of the management of the digital identities in the Italian Public Administration appears quite concrete: Italy's Public System for Digital Identity (SPID) supports to date 3.783 local administrations with 4.183 services.

SPID credentials grant a unique access to all services from heterogeneous devices (PC, laptop, tablet, mobile phones, ...).
The Italian citizens are free to choose their preferred identity provider and, at the same time, are also free to replace it whenever they want: to protect end-users privacy, in fact, each identity provider is responsible of the security of its connected activities, while each service provider will have access just to data required to provide the service itself.

At technical level, SPID is based on the OASIS SAML v2.0 specifications and implements a Circle-Of-Trust (COT) among organizations with services (Service Providers) and organizations with identities (Identity Providers, seven officially accounted at the moment).
SPID is one of the areas supported by Developers Italia, the Italian community of developers of public services.

All around the world, several initiatives similar to SPID can be found: FCCX in USA, IDA in UK, Realme in New Zealand...

Tirasa has been lately investigating about the compatibility of its Open Source Identity Stack with SPID; it turned out that some improvements were required.
But one does not claim itself being the Open Source Excellence without a reason, hence we went ahead and provided a pull request to Apereo CAS and another to PAC4J.

As a result, we are now successfully providing our customers with fully Open Source-powered IAM solutions, 100% compatible with SPID. Stay tuned for more details.

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