What we have made for Gordon Food Service

Tirasa has joined the IDaaS (Identity as a Service) project at Gordon Food Service after an initial phase where access policy enforcement via entitlements was already implemented through Okta. It centralized authentication and authorization features for all company applications, about 400,000 users.

To complete the transition to the new IAM infrastructure, the primary need was to migrate corporate and customer users, along with credentials, from legacy identity repositories which are separated between Canada and US business units.
Moreover, a central place for user administration and entitlement management was needed, with capabilities to provision Okta with all information required.
Mobile-ready self-service user profile management, delegated administration and Single SignOn were additional requirements identified.

This challenging project required all the flexibility that only an Open Source artifact like Apache Syncope can provide, combined with the deep expertise that Tirasa owns on this technology.

We would not have been able to reach the goal without the invaluable support of the IDaaS team that Gordon Food Service made available, competent and qualified, able to understand, teach and guide when needed.
We are also pleased to have started an enduring professional relationship with Gordon Food Service, rooted in mutual trust.

About Gordon Food Service

Gordon Food Service is a foodservice distributor based in Wyoming, Michigan, serving the United States and Canada. The company delivers products to more than 100,000 customers, including independent restaurants; long-term care facilities; hospitals; schools, colleges and universities; and regional and national chain restaurants.

For more than 120 years, Gordon Food Service has delivered the excellence, expertise, and quality products their customers need to design successful food operations and experiences. They have grown to become the largest family-operated broadline food distribution company in North America by upholding the same business approach since 1897 - being passionately committed to the people they serve.

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