What we have made for Nivo1

AP Express by Nivo1 is a SaaS platform that provides accounts payable automation, and has experienced significant growth in its customer base, as well as application features. Nivo1 recently embarked on an important enhancement to AP Express: allow customers to authenticate users with their internal identity services.

The challenge for Nivo1: how to provide access from AP Express to any number of authentication services. One AP Express customer may use LDAP, while another could use a different major standard protocols such as SAML 2.0, OpenID Connect 1.0 or OAuth 2.0. Further, as Nivo1 adds more applications, there may be the need for a local user repository credentials.

About Nivo1

Nivo1 began as a consulting company with significant domain expertise in ERP systems and a deep understanding of AP automation. As consultants, Nivo1 identified the need for a tightly integrated solution for AP automation. Clients challenged Nivo1 to build a solution… and they set a high bar. It had to be feature-rich, but affordable. It needed to scale as their business grew, both organically and through acquisitions. It had to integrate natively with their existing ERP system, and not require a long and expensive consulting engagement. And it had to run securely in the cloud and on mobile devices.

We're proud to say that we met the challenge. However, we are more than a SaaS provider. We consider each and every customer to be our business partner, and we’ll go the distance to ensure your complete satisfaction.

AP Express is a secure, cloud-based SaaS solution that dramatically reduces labor costs while improving accuracy and helping you manage cash more efficiently. Embedded machine learning and rules-based algorithms speed AP processing and improve accuracy with every invoice, while built-in analytic dashboards track every step of the process and pinpoint opportunities for improvement. AP Express runs natively on top of Oracle EBS, JD Edwards, and PeopleSoft.

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