What we have made for iWelcome

Digital transformation is the key word in today’s businesses. Identity Management is a pivotal element of this transformation, however traditional IAM does not suffice. iWelcome’s Identity & Access Management as a service, provides all the capabilities for organizations to interact with their employees, being inside or outside the organization, towards both internal and cloud applications.

Consumer Identity Access Management

iWelcome’s IDaaS also supports and scales for organizations that need to acquire and interact with their customers across all devices, omni-channel, during all the phases of a customer’s life cycle. That market is called Consumer Identity Access Management (CIAM) and iWelcome offers also that, as-as-service. Proof is delivered on a daily basis for millions of consumers in all kinds of industries: healthcare, media, publishing, retail and logistic services.

Hiding the complexity

iWelcome provides a role based provisioning capability to automate the provisioning and deprovisioning of user accounts, groups and group memberships to on-premise and cloud applications. Embedded in our service we leverage for basic provisioning purposes, Apache Syncope, an Open Source system for managing digital identities in enterprise environments. For consumer business cases (CIAM), the same basic provisioning is used, but at much higher scale, to provide identity creation and constantly support the customer’s life cycle.

About iWelcome

Welcome provides Identity as-a-Service for frictionless privacy-protected consumer services and security-enabled workforce processes. iWelcome is the only European born Identity Platform, headquartered in Europe and backed by European investors.

Millions of consumers and hundreds of thousands of employees across various industries rely on iWelcome on a daily basis. Analysts as Gartner and KuppingerCole have recognised iWelcome as a worldwide Product and Innovation Leader with “Excellent” ratings.

Building truly winning partnerships with its customers, iWelcome offers lowest TCO and a time-to-service in weeks. Applying best-of-breed Private Cloud Technology, customers benefit at both ends: using a SaaS service while not having to share critical resources.

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